Thursday, September 18, 2008

Israeli Inventions which Can Make Your Life Easier

Amir Ben-Artzi

What’s the common denominator among someone who is stuck on the road with a flat tire, someone who strolls with a baby in a hot day, and yet another who fills the living room with dust as he drills a hole in the wall? All these people and many others can benefit from the new Israeli inventions which have recently been presented in Tel-Aviv.

The guy who got stuck on the road with a puncture can take out FastAir, a special 16-feet long tube, connect one of its ends to the spare wheel when it is still in the trunk, and the other end to the flat tire. The tube will transfer air from the spare tire to the punctured one, and so the driver will be able to drive to the closest repair shop.

The lady who strolls with her baby can use Baby Comfort, a tiny portable air-conditioner that is located in a mother care bag. The bag consists of special pockets for food, bottles, disposable diapers and other things a baby needs when going out. The air-conditioner is fitted into a special pocket that can be disconnected from the bag, and it includes a pipe that distributes cold air. The special bag, which is going to be on the market next summer, can also be used by bikers and handicapped people in wheelchairs.

The guy who drills a hole in the living room’s wall can use Issufit, a pipe-like rubber device, which is connected to an electric drill and collects the dust that comes out of the drilling. As a result, there is no need to cover the furniture in the room where the drilling takes place. Executives from Bosch, who have seen the invention in the exhibition, expressed their interest in the product.

These are only a few samples out of dozens of inventions that were exhibited by the Israel Center for Inventors by the Schnaider Method, whose second inventors’ conference attracted more than 1,000 attendants. This year’s conference focused on the interface between inventors and investors, including a professional fair of service suppliers in the areas of intellectual property, investments, research and marketing. It seemed like a gathering of practical dreamers.

The conference also celebrated the launch of the Nethrone gaming and work environment, which nestles users in a multi-positional cradle-like environment, equipped with an adjustable reclining vibrating seat, keyboard or joystick, dual mouse position armrest, neck cushion and dual footrest position.

Another useful invention is Silonit, a domestic clog opener. This 20 feet long flexible rubber pipe is equipped with an adapter that fits into any domestic faucet. The other end of the pipe consists of a special ‘spearhead’ with several openings, which allow the water to flow to the sides and open the clog. According to the inventor, Moshe Strauss, the pipe enables anyone to open clogs on his own, using regular water flow.

Other inventions included electrical garlic peeler and chopper, which cuts other vegetables as well, Trick, a product that prevents doors from being slammed in a way that injures children’s fingers, and thick wooden skewers for barbecue coated with spice mixture.

The founder and manager of the inventors’ center, Yossef Schnaider, is a 37 years old ultra-orthodox Jewish Israeli, who established the center in 1999. “There’s a huge list of Israeli inventions”, said Schnaider. “For example, Iranians drink water that is desalinated by machines provided by the Israeli company Electra. We have met about 15,000 inventors in our center. Next year I intend to establish inventors’ centers in France and in the U.S.”.